Diamonds and jewellery services

Door to door service

V Grupa guarantees the quick and secure transportation of your valuables through a single dedicated courier for pick-up, transit and delivery.

Next day delivery

V Grupa offers overnight door-to-door delivery to and from any larger diamond and jewellery centre in order to ensure that your goods are delivered to you the very next day.


We help customers exhibit diamonds and jewellery at trade shows throughout the world, providing secure transportation to and from the show and overnight storage and pick-up during and after the show. V Grupa also offers customs liaison services, providing full end-to-end service.

Vault depositing and inventory management

V Grupa provides safe storage for diamonds and jewellery, assuming full responsibility for regular deliveries to warehouses, to and from trade and private shows.

Walk-in service

Our window service provides a faster service for your goods. Just bring your shipment to V Grupa as soon as it is ready; we will assume immediate responsibility so you can quickly move on to your next deal. We can also provide discreet work areas to allow you to conduct your business within our secure facility.

„Pick and take“

We will store your goods in our vault, releasing them according to your instructions.